Friday, March 5

Aloha Friday | 3.5.10

Been a looooooong time since I participated in Aloha Friday. I wish I could say it was a good one but I'd be lying. The stomach bug has been here all week and showing no signs of leaving. Being the only one who hasn't had it yet I feel like I am waiting to be executed. I know it's coming, I just don't know when. I'm scared

Anyway...we went looking at puppies last night. We had to get rid of Bella. We just weren't the right family for her. Our yard was too small for her and my kids were not big enough. She needed a family with a huge yard and big kids with a lot of energy. I am sad it didn't work out with her. She was a sweet dog. I have no doubt she will be adopted quickly. We went looking for something much smaller yesterday. By small I mean, at full grown it will still be smaller than my babies at birth, LOL.

My question(s) today is...

Do you have a dog? What kind?

I have always wanted a dog. My parents always told me no because my brother was allergic. When I was 14 my dad got me a Pekinese puppy for my birthday. He ran out in the road when he was 11 month and was hit by a car.

Wednesday, March 3

Wordless Wednesday | 3.3.10

Monday, March 1

Make It Stop! Make It Stop!

As if being Monday wasn't bad enough. Jacob woke up at 6 this morning covered in vomit. His bedroom was even scarier. I was already not feeling well myself and now I have this to deal with. He feels like he's running a fever but he won't hold the thermometer under his tongue and he refuses to shut his mouth. I don't want to do a rectal temp on him because his poor booty is so raw from the explosive diarrhea he's been having since last night. I guess it was a sign of things to come. I tried to give him Tylenol but he just threw it up about 30 minutes later. So now he's in the bath acting like nothing ever happened and I'm freaked out. Trying to keep the two little away from each other is not working out. Would it be wishful thinking if I thought it would start and end with him? I can only hope. I can't deal with that again. After the fiasco in January '09 I can't even imagine doing that again. I'd rather have kidney stones again. No seriously, I would. What we went through the entire month of January last year is what I would envision life in hell to be like. What made it even worse is both DH and I had it at the same time and Josslyn was only 6 months old, Jacob was barely 2, and Justyn had school. I want to cry just thinking of it coming back into this house. Is it bedtime yet?