Wednesday, July 30

Justyn & The Dentist

Justyn and I had appointments for cleanings today. This was technically going to be his first "real" cleaning. He's been to the dentist before and even had fillings. He's never had a cleaning that he was conscious for. He went in there with the intent to get a cleaning, but when he got into the chair he started to get super nervous. As soon as she tried to put the xray tabs in his mouth he flipped. He wouldn't even let her lay him back in the chair. I tried to show him how harmless it was by going first for my cleaning but he was just too scared. She did look at his teeth and said they look great with the naked eye and just to keep trying to get him in. She referred me to a dentist she went to school with that lives in Tampa now so hopefully she's just as great as she is.

Playing in the waiting room.

"See Mom my teeth are just fine!"

Tuesday, July 29

My Happy Girl

Some pics and a video...

To Rent Or Buy...That Is The Question

So for the past 4 years now Rich and I have agreed when we leave Maryland we will buy a house. We were tired of renting and throwing away money. We just couldn't afford to buy a house here in MD. Well, we finally get orders to a place we can afford to buy a house. I am all excited about buying and Rich wants to rent. He is afraid we won't be able to sell the house in 3-5 years when we get orders out of Florida. Well who knows what will happen in 3-5 years? Even if the market was amazing right now for sellers you don't know how it will be in 3-5 years. Are we always going to live our life based on "what if?" So we are having a hard time agreeing on this issue which wouldn't be such a problem if we didn't have less than a month until we move. GRRR!

Hawk The Hawk

I really love to wear my baby. It's so sweet to be able to be so close to your little one and still be able to get stuff done. With Jacob I had a Bjorn and really loved it. It was given to me by a good friend. This time I thought I would try out a Baby Hawk. I heard such good things about it and the patterns are gorgeous. So I dropped a whopping $97.50 on that bad boy. I get it and try it with Josslyn. Not. A. Fan!!! I don't feel like she's secure to me. I'm constantly checking to see if she's falling out of the bottom. Makes it hard to get much house work done when I'm stopping to check on her. So I've decided to sell it. I love the Bjorn and it makes me feel better feeling she's secure. The BH is awfully cute though. Just not for me. Here are some pictures of it. I got a reversible one.

Taken just days after Josslyn was born.

Excuse me in this picture. I am un-showered, un-brushed, un-painted!

Monday, July 28


So the offer we submitted wasn't accepted. That house sat on the market for 3 months with no activity. We decide to put an offer down and so did someone else. What the hell?! I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Oh well. We secretly hope their financing falls through and the seller comes crawling back, HA! Highly unlikely, but one can dream. We have found tons of other houses that are perfect for us we just need to agree on one. That could be a serious problem!

Sunday, July 27

Just Me & My Music

I love when the kids are quiet. So quiet I can just sit here listening to my music and relax. Josslyn is passed out in her swing. Jacob is passed out in his bed. Justyn and Daddy are out. LOVE IT!

My mother died in December 2006. Just a few weeks after the birth of Jacob. She was my VERY best friend. It was extremely hard on me. It was so hard on me that I put off going and cleaning her stuff out of her home. Well today is the day we have to do it. No more putting it off. So naturally I sent Rich, lol. I just can't come face to face with a bunch of memories and feelings I've been pushing away for so long.

We put an offer in on a house in Brandon, Florida. It's about 20 miles from Macdill AFB where Rich will be stationed. We are really excited about this house. It's GORGEOUS inside. We are just super nervous about buying a house. The market down there is just horrible. We are waiting to hear back from the Realtor about their decision. I am not feeling too optimistic about it. We low balled them big time. Being a buyers market we can afford to do that. There is a plethora of homes down there to choose from. Plenty of fish in the sea, that's for sure!

Well that was short lived free time. Josslyn is yelling at me to pay some attention to her. So I'm off.

Saturday, July 26

My Sweet Girl

Pretty Girl

So Sweet

Mojito Anyone? ANYONE?

My. Kids. Drive. Me. INSANE! I love my boys. I really do. I think EVERY mother should have 2 boys. However with that said...they drive me INSANE!

For instance. Right after I started this post I needed to go swap over the laundry. I put Josslyn in her swing and went about my business. Just then Justyn informs me he needs to poo. Great. Good to know. Jacob is standing outside the gate doing his usual fake cry because he wants to come into the laundry room and play in the cat bowls. Now Justyn is yelling for me. "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mo...." Well I could go on forever. Finally I yell "WHAT?!" Apparently the poo poo won't come out into the toilet. Not quite sure exactly what he would like me to do so I just tell him to give it time. Jacob still doing his fake cry, and now because the two of them are being so freakin' loud Josslyn wakes up and is crying. So now all three of my kids are crying/whining. All I want to do is swap over my laundry. Is it too much to ask? Seriously? So I'm hanging up dresses. Justyn is grunting loud and yelling for me. He has to show me he says. Show me what? The poop that won't come out. I'll pass, thanks. Jacob, still doing his fake cry. Josslyn is belting out with her real one. I finally get the laundry swapped into the dryer. Justyn is still yelling for me to come look at the poop that won't come out of his butt. Jacob is now following me around doing his fake cry. I swing open the bathroom door. I tell Justyn there is nothing I can do for him. Either get off the toilet or sit and relax a bit. He proceeds to cry and grunt. I shut the door. I mean what does he want me to do? Reach up there and pull it out? Again, I'll pass. Why does my life have to be so chaotic? Now I have Justyn crying because I've told him 15 times in the past 2 hours that he is in trouble for not listening and may not play his game. You would think after 15 times of explaining this it would sink in that he cannot play his game since he didn't listen today. Nope. He asked again. Since I'm nursing Josslyn there isn't much I can really do. So I sent him to his room. Do you think he listened? Nope. Right now he's standing at the top of the stairs asking if he can come out of his room, he will listen. He was in there a whole 30 seconds? UGH! Mojito please. PLEASE! They are lucky they're cute, haha.

Friday, July 25

Baby Smiles

Josslyn is such a happy little baby. Just thought I'd share a captured moment of her beautiful smiles.

Thursday, July 24

Josslyn Is 5 Weeks Old

OK, so my first REAL blog.

My baby girl is 5 weeks old today. I can't believe it. I feel like I just had her. So bittersweet. I weighed her today. She's 12 freaking pounds! I don't know why I'm shocked. She eats like every meal is her last. I mean she JUST got done eating and she's attacking my arm like I have starved her for a week. She is such a great sleeper. Mainly because we cosleep and I nurse her in bed. But none the less she's a great sleeper, lol. Here are some pictures of my chunky monkey from today.

Nak! Nak! Who's There?

So the only time I really get to be on the computer is when I'm nursing Josslyn. So please excuse my typos. For those of you unfamiliar with the parenting board lingo NAK is an abbreviation for Nursing At Keyboard. Which I am alllllllways doing. While I am normally doing it with my boppy pillow, leaving both hands free, I can't always give it my undivided attention when I have my crazy boys running around. Justyn asking me every 2 minutes to "look at this" and Jacob at my side whining because he is vaguely remembers how much he used to love nursing. I'll do my best to make it look like I have an education. Just bare with me. Like everything else in my life...I'm doing my best.


Well I had started this blog to journey though my last pregnancy but that didn't really go as planned. So here I am starting over. Everything else in our life is going to be starting a new, why not my blog.

Well in June we had our baby girl. Josslyn Faith was born at 12:51am on June 19th. The labor and delivery were a dream. I couldn't have asked for a better finale to my baby havin' days! She weighed in at a hefty 9lbs and was 19.5" long. We are nursing and it's going great. It would be better if she didn't do it so much, haha.

The boys are doing as well as can be expected. Jacob is having a little jealousy issues, and Justyn can't seem to listen to a single thing I say. What can ya do? Go CRAZY! That's exactly what I'm doing!!!

We are getting ready to move to sunny Tampa, Florida. YAY for getting out of Maryland. BOO to leaving all the fantastic friends I've made here. I wish I could stuff them all in my suitcase and bring them along.

We are in the midst of trying to find a place to live. OY VEY! Can we say frustrating?!?! We wanted to buy down there but the market is so horrible that EVERYTHING we can afford is on short sale. For those who are unfamiliar with short's when a home owner is getting ready to foreclose on their house. So they ask the bank if they can sell the house at a fraction of what they owe them. Well that sounded great until we found out it takes FOREVER to close on a house like that. So then we thought about renting a house. Rent is dirt cheap down there b/c the market being so bad. Well EVERYTHING is like 30-40 minutes from the base. WTF! So then we decided maybe living on base was the best. waiting list with no end in sight. we are trying to find a house big enough that isn't 40 minutes away that we can rent. We have less than 1 month to move and no house to move to. Justyn starts school in less than a month and we haven't been able to register him down there because we have no house. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway, that's all for now. Time to bathe my kids and feed my piggy girl.