Friday, November 28

I'm Golden

Today is my 28th birthday! I thought my golden birthday would never come, and here it is! I got 50 of the most beautiful roses from Rich and the pink BlackJack II phone! We are in Alabama so I will post turkey day pics when we get home. Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25

Procrastination At It's Best

It is 1 month away from Christmas and do I have a single gift bought, NO! Why? Because I have NO idea what to get for my children. If you could see their bedrooms you would understand why. Wait, I will show you...

Justyn's Sty

Jacob's Sty

They are spoiled I know, guilty as charged, but now I'm sick of it. Do you think those heathens pick up those toys? NO! I do! I have 3 kids, a husband, a house, and MOUNDS of laundry not to mention cooking and taking care of myself. I don't have time for more crap to pick up. I am seriously at a loss on what to get them. I would love to just put money into their savings but then I feel like a scrooge because Christmas morning there will be nothing for them under the tree. I feel bad buying them all clothes. What a bummer for them Christmas morning. I can't handle the stink eye from Justyn when he opens up a box of underwear.

As for idea. I would like to get him a new Xbox 360 since the Atlas Moving people stole ours when they moved us from Maryland to Florida. Bastards! Everytime I mention it though he gives me the "Ohhh I'll never play it, I'm too busy with work and school." Then he hops on his computer and plays Madden!

Also, we leave in 5 hours for Alabama. We will be gone for 5 days. Do you think I have a single thing packed? NO! Why? Because I'm still working on laundry!!! Why do I do this to myself? I hate packing that's why! I hate hate hate it. Rich is home but he's not allowed to do laundry. Pretty positive he doesn't even know how to work the washer. Not his fault, I forbid him to go near it. He does fold and put away but in order for that to happen, it must be washed and dryed. Yet here I sit, on my flabby arse, complaining about how nothing is getting done, LMAO!

Monday, November 24

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

It's no secret that I would LOVE to be a photographer. I'm just too scared to actually do it. Mainly afraid of criticism. Afraid people won't like my pictures. So, for now, I annoy my family by constantly having my camera in their face, LOL. Been a picture taking machine lately due to a photography class I'm taking. Not a real one, just an online course on how to make the most of your camera to achieve the pictures you want. I also got PhotoShop CS4 so I've been learning that also. Here are some recent pictures I took over the weekend of my little ones. They may not look irritated by me being all up in their business, but they are, LOL.

"Maybe if I fake smile she will go"

"MOM! Leave me alone!"

Rockin' the new hat Tara made for her.

Playing Hide 'N' Seek (He's counting)

I lied, here is prime example of Mom being annoying!

"Maybe if I don't look directly at her, she'll go away"

Friday, November 21

You Wanna Put What, Where?

My mom died of colon & lung cancer almost 2 years ago. She was Dx at 36 with colon cancer which then, over time, spread to her lungs. So it is necessary for me to get a colonoscopy 10 years earlier than her age when she was Dx. Which would be the age of 26. I'm almost 28, LOL. I know it's no laughing matter but I can't get passed the whole process of it. First I have to drink this nasty stuff that will essentially make me crap my brains out. For a whole 24 hours! THEN, I have to go in, have my insides pumped with gas. Like I really need help in that department. They will stick a long tube with a camera and a light up my rear and snoop around. Um, no thanks! As I've told my husband time and time again...that is the exit hole ONLY! DH keeps insisting I go. I know he means well and I know I need to do it. But whyyyyyyyyyyy! Can't they do a scan or something. Must it be so invassive? Talk about getting all up in my business! Right now I'm nursing so I have a good excuse not to do it. I may nurse forever if that's the case, LMAO!

COD Blog Party - #8 Black Friday

It's day 8!!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy! More blog party and even better another question about shopping. And you thought Halloween was the scariest day of the year! HA! Head on out Friday morning about 2...3...4...5... in the MORNING! People standing outside all night, most of them freezing the junk right out of their trunk! Hungry, stanky, irritable! Imagine standing in a group of these people. Just TRY to accidentally cut in line or grab that Tickle Me Elmo Wii system. It makes Halloween seem like Easter.

post by Jenna

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Do you shop on Black Friday? What time do you start? Do you finish all your shopping on that day? What’s the best deal you have found? What’s your shopping strategy?

I have mustered up the nerve 1 time while 39 weeks pregnant to TRY to shop the black Friday sales. I failed. I was tired, hungry, and cold. We were trying to get a 40" Sony Bravia LCD TV. We ended up deciding to go home with a master plan to sleep for just 1.5 hours. Set the alarm, and go stand in the line at Circuit City. This plan also failed. We slept till well past 10, LOL. Rich ran to Circuit City where they still had a couple left, YAY! That, was a close one!

Other than that one time I do not go out on Black Friday. I value my life. There are some crazy arse people out there who will do anything to get what their children want for Christmas. No thanks! My kids will do w/o for now if that's the case.

My shopping strategy is to steer clear of crazy Black Friday shoppers, LMAO!

Aloha Friday: Edumacation

It's Friggity Friday! YAY! Just a week from today and I will be celebrating my golden birf-day! Boo to getting older, YAY to the presents! LOL! So in Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question that requires a simple answer. No major thinking necessary.

For more Aloha Friday surf on over to An Island Life where you can answer their Friday question.

Today's question: What are you thankful for?

So much for being easy, LOL. I'm thankful for A LOT. My husband, my children, my family. My health, the health of my children, my home, the food I put in my belly. That's the short of it. Keeping it simple for Aloha Friday.

So, onto my question.

Do you live in a Mansion, Apartment, Shack or House?
(If this doesn't make you smile just a little bit then I must have been the only lamer to play this game, ROFL)

OK seriously, my question is....

Did you go to college? Where? What did you major in? Was it worth it?

I did not go to college *sigh*. I would love to go to become a professional photographer.

Thursday, November 20

COD Blog Party - #7: Naughty or Nice?

OOOOH, I switched it up on you today, huh? You came on here lookin' to the left, and oh, what's's on the right. I like change. Can't help myself. The only thing that stays constant in my life is my family. Only because I can't control that, bwahahahaha! Anywho, it's day 7 of the blog party. Can't believe I've blogged a week straight. Crazy I tells ya! Thank you MomDot for giving me something to ramble on about for a whole week. Thankfully it's not quite over yet. So we've covered traditions, and budgets. Even the memories. Today we are talking about the list, and who is on which one!

post by Sarah

Tell us who is on your naughty list? Who is on your nice list? Why?

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Naughty List: The chick at Verizon! You know who you are. The person who made my cheeseburger at McDonalds yesterday. I said PLAIN CHEESEBURGER! I made your job a whole lot easier and you had to go and screw it up. Plain = NO ketchup, NO mustard, NO pickles, NO ONIONS! My husband. He's the naughtiest of them all. TeeHee!

Nice List: My husband. He's so naughty it's nice. Sure we have our ups and downs but here we are, 7 years strong and still going! He puts up with so much from me. Especially what comes out of me. Yes, I fart pass gas. I have no shame. I will let it go when the moment presents itself (excluding most public places). Yet he still loves me, and hasn't' yet left me, though he has mentioned it being grounds for divorce.

Of course my children. Even when they are so bad they make me smile. I wish I could give them everything they wanted and more. Though I do try. Their "want" list is never ending. No really, it is, I assure you.

My friends. Especially Darlene, Angie, Jessica, and Elyse. You are always there for me when I need you. No matter what. If I won the lotto you know I'd spot you a couple mill! You da bomb diggity yo! Fo shizzle. If I know Elyse she's shizzlin' me back. HOLLA!

My family! I miss them.

My new bloggy friends. You make the nice list for giving me such good reading material. :-P

Thousand Words Thursday - Radical Randomness

Some pics I took of Jacob playing in Josslyn's room.

Hand painted picture for Josslyn from Great Grandma
Painted by a lady from her church.

Gift for Josslyn from her Auntie Darlene.

Wednesday, November 19

Nokia E71 Contest!!!!

Trisha over at MomDot is putting up a very snazzy Nokia E71 smart phone worth $500.00!!! I don't know about you but I want to win this. I'm sick of my cell phone and have been looking for a new one. PERFECT! Wanna get in on this action? Well heres the deal head on over to MomDot and read all about it, blog about it, comment on it! What do you have to lose? Other than the chance to win a cool new phone?!?!

What are you waiting for...GO!

COD Blog Party - #6 Mem-reeees

Wow, already day 6! Pretty soon this will all be over *sad*. Can't believe how many new bloggy friends I've made since this all started! I love it. I find myself talking about some of you to friends and family as if I know you in real life. Is that weird? LOL! Anyway on to todays question.

What is your favorite holiday memory from YOUR childhood?

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My favorite holiday memory is Santa Claus. I would have the hardest time sleeping due to the anticipation. Now that I'm a mom and I have children who believe all those feelings are coming back. The excitement of the morning. Being anxious for him to come. I remember one year I was losing my belief in ole Santa. My mom took my dad's work boot and left a footprint in the ashes inside the fireplace. I couldn't believe it. He had to be real. I so love that my kids feel that now. Justyn is always talking about Santa and going to sit on his lap and ask him for Star Wars. I can't wait for his excitement when Santa brings him what he wants!!!

I also loved spending holidays at my Grandma's house. All the great food and yummy desserts. Spending time with all the family and everyone sitting around talking and playing games. I love holiday time!

Tuesday, November 18

Wordless Wednesday

My baby girl is 5 months old today! I can't believe it. Seriously where does the time go? Pretty sure it was just yesterday I was taking that First Response test! Here are some pics of my gorgeous girl.

Smiley Award

I'm loving all these awards I've been getting lately. Makes me feel so special. Dee over at Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House awarded me with this one, The Smile Award. Thanks girl! If you haven't checked out her blog you should!!! That's an order! :-P
I would love to jabber more on this subject but Josslyn is yelling at me.

The qualifications to receive the award are:
A. Display a cheerful attitude.
B. Love one another.
C. Make mistakes.
D. Learn from others.
E. Be a positive contributor to the blog world.
F. Love life.
G. Love kids.

The Rules:
1. Must link it back to the creator
2. Post the rules
3. Choose 5 people to give it to
4. Recipients must fit the characteristics above
5. Create a post to share this
6. You must thank the winner

Choosing just 5 blogs that make me smile is going to be difficult. So with no rhyme or reason I will just choose these.

1. Loren @ The Dressler Family
2. Tammy @ Pink Stinx
3. Jenni @ Jiggety Jigg
4. Tena @ Punky Monkey's
5. Kelli @ Lyndon Nut House

COD Blog Party - #5 Spirit

This is the season for giving. Giving thanks. Giving love. Giving gifts. It's also the season for receiving. Although I could do without receiving those insanely high credit card bills in January that is for sure! Today is day 5 of the Christmas of Dreams Blog Party. Which means more giving and receiving bloggy good comments :-D

Today we are asked to blog about what you do to give back during the holidays. Do you volunteer your time? If so, please tell us where. What do you do to teach your children the true meaning of the holidays?

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Mommy Zabs, MomStart, HipposToes, Run DMT

We donate a lot year round. Mostly toys and clothes. I would love to donate more to charities other than Toys For Toys but I'm not sure what charities are legit and which are scams. I want to donate to a good cause, not someones bank account.

I have never really volunteered my time anywhere. I think that would be so much fun to do though. I'm at a loss on where to go to do it.

I lost my faith in a lot of things when we lost Gracie. It has been very difficult for me, as well as my husband, to believe and have faith in "God" when we lost our child, a child we so badly wanted. I have to admit my faith is slowly coming back but for now we are unsure. I know this may turn some of you away. For me believing again has to come on my own terms. So as far as Christmastime goes we don't stress religion too much. We do try to instill the value of family, and giving, to our children. That Christmas isn't all about getting toys. Our oldest is only 5.5 so I don't expect too much right now.

The size of this blog post tells me I need to give more of my time to people in need!!!

Imma Bad Grammar Jammer

So I was taking the time to browse my pervious previous posts, and I noticed that I misspell a lot of crap, LOL. I bet you all think I'm an idiot. Normally when I misspell a word good ole google blogger lets me know, but sometimes the word is spelled correctly, it just isn't the right word. I really do have an edumacation education. I'm actually quite the grammar freak. I get so annoyed with I see "your" when it should be "you're" or "to" when it should be "too". <-- (Should the period go before or after the last quote? Hmmm?) My husband and I still debate that in this sentence "That is too much money" too is spelled wrong. He says it should say "That is to much money." Weirdo! Scary that he is the one who helps Justyn with his homework, LMAO! Well at any rate, I want you to know that I know that you think that I am a bad speller and I'm here to tell you NU-UH!

Monday, November 17

Dear &$#!%... Verizon. I do not appreciate you being such a shrew to me on the phone. It's not my fault your company doesn't know what they are doing or saying. There was no need for you to get snippy with me! Crap like that is why you are giving me the $25.00 a month credit in the first place. Get your shart together! Stop making things more difficult. If the people at Verizon were trained to do their job just a little better you and I wouldn't be on the phone right now, would we?!

Not Me! Monday

1. I did not eat 3 chunky chocolate chip cookies w/ a Coke Zero this morning for breakfast!

2. I did not clean my desk just so that I could take a picture for my blogspot picture this morning.

3. I did not just turn the heater on, because my feet are like ice cubes, instead of putting socks on.

4. I am certainly not waiting till the very last minute to buy Jacob's birthday gifts because I'm too lazy to look!

Now it's your turn to be brutally honest!
For more Not Me! Monday visit MckMama over at My Charming Kids.

COD Blog Party - #4 MMM FOOD!

YAY It's Monday, that means day 4 of Christmas Of Dreams Blog Party! Today's question is all about food, HOLLA! One of my favorite subjects if you couldn't tell by the lard in my arse!

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What is your favorite holiday recipe? Describe your holiday table.
What is your biggest Holiday cooking disaster?

Picking just 1 thing that I love during the holidays is TOUGH. I adore it all. I've never cooked during the holidays I don't think. We are always going to other people's houses. Less mess for me, lol j/k! I think marshmallow candied yams are what I'm going to go with. I could seriously eat the whole thing. I loooove the marshmallows to be extra done on the top, LOL.

(borrowed picture)
Seriously, I'm salivating people! It doesn't even taste like a dinner side. More like a dessert! Now I want some.

Since we've never had dinner here during the holidays I don't have any special set up. This Christmas will be my first time cooking a big holiday meal. I will probably go with some silver, gold, and reds with a little off white. I'm excited to decorate a table, though it will be just my family & my dad.

I've yet to have a disaster in the kitchen while cooking period. I hope this remains true as I try to cook a holiday meal this year, LOL. SCARY!

My Blog Spot

I was tagged by Jenni over at Jiggety Jigg for this one.
(Well not directly but still)

So, I have to show you MY blog spot. The place where it all goes down. Well, where it almost always goes down anyway, LOL. Sometimes I like to snuggle up on the sofa with the laptop to blog, but that doesn't happen too often. So here it is...

I suppose I could have made my numbers a little bit bigger for ya, but, oh well.

1. The computer
2. External HD for all my pictures.
3. The lamp
4. My Cream Soda
5. My 50mm lens
6. Gap & Hanna Andersson Catalog
7. My craptastic speakers.
8. Kleenex
9. My DSLR Camera
10. My Watch
11. Keyboard
12. Chair
13. My planner
14. External HD for Scrap & PSP Stuff
15. Recycle bin of crap
16. Breast pump
17. My purse
18. My Flips
19. Justyn's kinder school pic
20. The bookshelf of books I buy but never read!

So there you have it. My space, My blog spot.

So now it's your turn. I wanna see YOUR spot.
No, not that spot, sicko! Your blog spot. Get to it!

Sunday, November 16

An Award! YAY!

Tammy from Pink Stinx awarded me with this fabulous award.

Here are the rules for this one:
1. Mention the blog that gave it to you and comment on their blog to let them know you’ve posted your award.
2. Publish these rules.
3. Share 6 values that are important to you and 6 things you do not support.
4. Grant the prize to 6 people.
5. Mention the blog that gave it to you and comment on their blog to let them know you’ve posted your award.

Six Important Values/Beliefs:
1. Honesty
2. Empathy
3. Love
4. Trust
5. Truth
6. Friendship

Nix Support For These Values/Beliefs:
1. Hate
2. Dishonesty
3. Jealousy
4. Greed
5. Shrewdness
6. Ignorance

I'd like to bestow this award to:
Erin @ The Mom Buzz
Kaycee @ Life as a Mom at 21
Courtney @ Courtneyology 101
Gena @ The Morris Bunch
Tara @ The Hallman Household
Dee @ Two of a kind, working on a full house

Sea World Adventure

The family and I decided to spend the day at Sea World yesterday. It's free so why not? We had a blast. The last time I was at Sea World I was pregnant with Jacob and it was hotter than hell outside. This was a much more pleasant experience. The kids had so much fun, and I'll admit I did too. My feet cannot say the same. Here are some pics from our outting.

Watching the mom Shamu show

The shishees

Chillin' in the stroller

Justyn's first rollercoaster ride.

"Just give me the food, and nobody gets hurt"

She is very determined.

Gettin' splashed by the Atlantis

Rico Suave

More Shamu excitement

Watching the sting rays

Looking at the sharks and sting rays.

The A-Manda-Tee

This Dolphin splashed the shat out of me!