Tuesday, January 27

Could It Be A Come Back?

Today everyone seems to be doing pretty well. I think I might be getting a cold but the littles are doing much better, and Justyn is in school. Could it be that we are finally all going to be healthy at the same time? I missed reading up on all my favorite blogs. I might spend tonight doing that. Last night I had all kids in bed by 8:15 and I was in bed by 10 which is unheard of for me. I guess the last month or so has really wore me out. I'm going to spend today disinfecting my house. Windows open and Lysol out. All sheets in the washer!!! I never want to be sick like this again. Well, I can see my blogging time is being cut short again. Josslyn is yelling at me and Jacob wants breakfast. Oh the joys of motherhood!

Here are some cute pics of Jac & Josslyn. Justyn is never around me long enough to get his picture taken, LOL. He's too busy for mom.


Doublebanker said...

Great photos...wish I could take them that well. Much cheaper than paying a professional!

Here's a link to my post of a rough football tackle

Cindy said...

I love the last one of Josslyn. Her expression is like, Who? Me? SO cute!

Michelle6979 said...

Wow. Incredible pictures! You've got some talent!!!