Thursday, January 1

Santa Baby

Was good to me this year. Well really he was good to all of us. Justyn maxed out on the Star Wars stuff and got a Razor scooter than he has been dying for. Jacob got a power wheel for his big gift and a little scooter for him as well. Josslyn didn't get much but she doesn't need much. She did get a beautiful rocking horse from (maternal) Paw Paw John and a GORGEOUS princess castle coin bank from (paternal) Paw Paw & Maw Maw. Daddy & Mommy got an Xbox 360 & 2 games from (maternal) Paw Paw and I got Rich some Xbox accessories for his gaming pleasure. I got my ShootSac I've been dying for. I also got some memory for my computer, a polarized lens filter, and a Shark steam mop.