Tuesday, April 7

Spring Break For Who Whom Who?

It's day two into Spring Break and I'm pretty much ready for school to start again. I just keep thinking about how looooooong summer vacation is going to be.

If I hear the word "mommy" one more time I may jump out the window!!! Now that I have 2 that know how to say "mommy" it's pretty much never ending.

The whining...oh the whining and the crying. Jacob is in this habit of running right to mommy and daddy if he doesn't get his way instead of working it out.

Josslyn is cutting teeth I think. It's been a super fun couple days. If she can't see me she's fussing. Separation anxiety at it's finest.

Justyn's best friend is moving today. He is so sad and constantly asking if he can call him. He tears up every time he talks about his friend moving. Breaks a mama's heart.

The ADT guy came too early this morning. Everyone was still sleeping. I say "was" because his incessant ringing of the doorbell woke everyone up. I asked him to come back after I got dressed and Josslyn woke up (since the thing he was fixing is in her room) he said no. So I was forced to reschedule.

We are supposed to be leaving tomorrow for Alabama. We still don't know if we are because my dear husband hasn't submitted his leave request yet. He's known for 2 weeks now. I have laundry and packing to do but I don't even know if we are going!?!

I need a vacation. I need a spring break. I need it quick!


Gena said...

Oh man! I hope you guys find out soon if you can leave! What a PITA!

A.V.A said...

Thanks! It's stressful, LOL.

tara said...

yikes! you need a cocktail woman!

AudreyO said...

Oh goodness, do I dare you that "mommy" turns into "mooooooom" as they get older LOL. I've had days over the years where I've just gone into my room and said "moms off duty"