Wednesday, July 30

Justyn & The Dentist

Justyn and I had appointments for cleanings today. This was technically going to be his first "real" cleaning. He's been to the dentist before and even had fillings. He's never had a cleaning that he was conscious for. He went in there with the intent to get a cleaning, but when he got into the chair he started to get super nervous. As soon as she tried to put the xray tabs in his mouth he flipped. He wouldn't even let her lay him back in the chair. I tried to show him how harmless it was by going first for my cleaning but he was just too scared. She did look at his teeth and said they look great with the naked eye and just to keep trying to get him in. She referred me to a dentist she went to school with that lives in Tampa now so hopefully she's just as great as she is.

Playing in the waiting room.

"See Mom my teeth are just fine!"