Saturday, July 26

Mojito Anyone? ANYONE?

My. Kids. Drive. Me. INSANE! I love my boys. I really do. I think EVERY mother should have 2 boys. However with that said...they drive me INSANE!

For instance. Right after I started this post I needed to go swap over the laundry. I put Josslyn in her swing and went about my business. Just then Justyn informs me he needs to poo. Great. Good to know. Jacob is standing outside the gate doing his usual fake cry because he wants to come into the laundry room and play in the cat bowls. Now Justyn is yelling for me. "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mo...." Well I could go on forever. Finally I yell "WHAT?!" Apparently the poo poo won't come out into the toilet. Not quite sure exactly what he would like me to do so I just tell him to give it time. Jacob still doing his fake cry, and now because the two of them are being so freakin' loud Josslyn wakes up and is crying. So now all three of my kids are crying/whining. All I want to do is swap over my laundry. Is it too much to ask? Seriously? So I'm hanging up dresses. Justyn is grunting loud and yelling for me. He has to show me he says. Show me what? The poop that won't come out. I'll pass, thanks. Jacob, still doing his fake cry. Josslyn is belting out with her real one. I finally get the laundry swapped into the dryer. Justyn is still yelling for me to come look at the poop that won't come out of his butt. Jacob is now following me around doing his fake cry. I swing open the bathroom door. I tell Justyn there is nothing I can do for him. Either get off the toilet or sit and relax a bit. He proceeds to cry and grunt. I shut the door. I mean what does he want me to do? Reach up there and pull it out? Again, I'll pass. Why does my life have to be so chaotic? Now I have Justyn crying because I've told him 15 times in the past 2 hours that he is in trouble for not listening and may not play his game. You would think after 15 times of explaining this it would sink in that he cannot play his game since he didn't listen today. Nope. He asked again. Since I'm nursing Josslyn there isn't much I can really do. So I sent him to his room. Do you think he listened? Nope. Right now he's standing at the top of the stairs asking if he can come out of his room, he will listen. He was in there a whole 30 seconds? UGH! Mojito please. PLEASE! They are lucky they're cute, haha.