Thursday, July 24


Well I had started this blog to journey though my last pregnancy but that didn't really go as planned. So here I am starting over. Everything else in our life is going to be starting a new, why not my blog.

Well in June we had our baby girl. Josslyn Faith was born at 12:51am on June 19th. The labor and delivery were a dream. I couldn't have asked for a better finale to my baby havin' days! She weighed in at a hefty 9lbs and was 19.5" long. We are nursing and it's going great. It would be better if she didn't do it so much, haha.

The boys are doing as well as can be expected. Jacob is having a little jealousy issues, and Justyn can't seem to listen to a single thing I say. What can ya do? Go CRAZY! That's exactly what I'm doing!!!

We are getting ready to move to sunny Tampa, Florida. YAY for getting out of Maryland. BOO to leaving all the fantastic friends I've made here. I wish I could stuff them all in my suitcase and bring them along.

We are in the midst of trying to find a place to live. OY VEY! Can we say frustrating?!?! We wanted to buy down there but the market is so horrible that EVERYTHING we can afford is on short sale. For those who are unfamiliar with short's when a home owner is getting ready to foreclose on their house. So they ask the bank if they can sell the house at a fraction of what they owe them. Well that sounded great until we found out it takes FOREVER to close on a house like that. So then we thought about renting a house. Rent is dirt cheap down there b/c the market being so bad. Well EVERYTHING is like 30-40 minutes from the base. WTF! So then we decided maybe living on base was the best. waiting list with no end in sight. we are trying to find a house big enough that isn't 40 minutes away that we can rent. We have less than 1 month to move and no house to move to. Justyn starts school in less than a month and we haven't been able to register him down there because we have no house. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Anyway, that's all for now. Time to bathe my kids and feed my piggy girl.


Shana said...

I wish you lots of luck in finding a home! I know how stressful it can be. Can I go crazy with you!

Virginia said...

Prayers that you find the most perfect & accommodating home as soon as possible with as little stress as possible!!!