Tuesday, July 29

Hawk The Hawk

I really love to wear my baby. It's so sweet to be able to be so close to your little one and still be able to get stuff done. With Jacob I had a Bjorn and really loved it. It was given to me by a good friend. This time I thought I would try out a Baby Hawk. I heard such good things about it and the patterns are gorgeous. So I dropped a whopping $97.50 on that bad boy. I get it and try it with Josslyn. Not. A. Fan!!! I don't feel like she's secure to me. I'm constantly checking to see if she's falling out of the bottom. Makes it hard to get much house work done when I'm stopping to check on her. So I've decided to sell it. I love the Bjorn and it makes me feel better feeling she's secure. The BH is awfully cute though. Just not for me. Here are some pictures of it. I got a reversible one.

Taken just days after Josslyn was born.

Excuse me in this picture. I am un-showered, un-brushed, un-painted!