Sunday, July 27

Just Me & My Music

I love when the kids are quiet. So quiet I can just sit here listening to my music and relax. Josslyn is passed out in her swing. Jacob is passed out in his bed. Justyn and Daddy are out. LOVE IT!

My mother died in December 2006. Just a few weeks after the birth of Jacob. She was my VERY best friend. It was extremely hard on me. It was so hard on me that I put off going and cleaning her stuff out of her home. Well today is the day we have to do it. No more putting it off. So naturally I sent Rich, lol. I just can't come face to face with a bunch of memories and feelings I've been pushing away for so long.

We put an offer in on a house in Brandon, Florida. It's about 20 miles from Macdill AFB where Rich will be stationed. We are really excited about this house. It's GORGEOUS inside. We are just super nervous about buying a house. The market down there is just horrible. We are waiting to hear back from the Realtor about their decision. I am not feeling too optimistic about it. We low balled them big time. Being a buyers market we can afford to do that. There is a plethora of homes down there to choose from. Plenty of fish in the sea, that's for sure!

Well that was short lived free time. Josslyn is yelling at me to pay some attention to her. So I'm off.