Saturday, February 28

Here We Go Again...

Rich is deploying for 6 months starting in June. I try not to be too sad about it because I knew what I was in store for when we got married. I am sad for the kids though. What will Jacob do without his daddy for six whole months?! You have never met a bigger daddy's boy, that's for sure. He will miss Josslyn's first birthday, but he will be home for Christmas. At least Justyn and Rich will still be able to keep their Tuesday & Thursday reading nights via web cam. I love technology. I am definitely not looking forward to being a single mom, again. Blah!

I've been getting better with the Photoshop stuff. It's hard self teaching, LOL. Thank the Lord for Youtube!

Here are some recent pics.

Check out her little ruffle bum! I love girlie girl outfits. I'll be stocking up on outfits that this, that's for sure!

The spouse and me. The only time he smiles big is when he's on his bike. HATER! Pay no attention to me. I'm beefy.


Jenni Jiggety said...

I love that ruffle butt picture!!!

Gena said...

I love Josslyn's picture! I don't know how on Earth you do it for 6 months! I am dying just being away during the week! Oh and you are hot!