Thursday, February 26

SpaTimeBaby Cozy Contest

Finally...something I could really use. I still have 2 little ones I have to give baths to. I almost never come out of the bathroom dry. Why? Because my 2 year old is a crazy splash man, and Josslyn...well...she is a crazy splash woman. When I get them out of the bath I get water all over my shirt. I've tried draping the towel over my chest but bending down kind of kills that. All I can do is watch my towel fall to the floor. The people over at SpaTimeBaby finally got it right. They've created the Cozy Care Cape. What is a Cozy Care Cape?

The mom invented CozyCare Cape is revolutionizing bath time for babies. It's more than just an ordinary towel.

*bath time becomes a relaxing, nurturing and pampering experience

*drying baby is easy, safe and comfortable

*no more tucking a towel under your chin or in your shirt

*keeps caregiver dry with exclusive waterproof panel

*unique cape design keeps your shoulders and arms dry
*caregiver's body is a natural towel warmer

Machine Washable * Tumble Dry
Soft Absorbent * 100% Cotton Terry Cloth


Instructions for Use
Simply slip the cape over your head with the waterproof panel facing in to prevent those little and big splashes from soaking through. When baby's bath is done, simply gather your little one in your arms against the cape and wrap in the absorbent terry cloth. You can pat baby dry with the CozyCare Cape while holding him or her securely in your arms.

Now you don't have to change your shirt to bathe your baby. Just slip this amazing invention on and splash away with your little one. Wanting more than just a cape? SpaTimeBaby offers tons of bath time products. Even natural skin care items, and baby spa sets, which would make the CUTEST baby shower gift EVER!

Want a chance to win some of these great items? Well, you can. Just hop on over to Tara's blog, Through Hazel Eyes , and enter! It's just that simple.