Monday, February 23

I'm The Baby! I'm The Baby!

...And I'm having a helluva time letting go of the fact that my baby girl is growing up. She has already started to nurse less and less. I am hoping she will at least keep going 4 more months. She is up to 20lbs and probably should be out of the swing but I just can't help myself. She loves it, and I love her in it. We only use it for when we need her to just take a quick cat nap. We know the boys will never let her sleep for very long, LOL.

Baby steps. Baby steps. It's hard to believe she is my last little bundle of joy. Oh how I miss the newborn snuggle stage. The immobile stage. Soon giving kisses will be embarrassing and I will only be needed for clean laundry and something to eat. ::sniff sniff:: I can't wait for grandkids. Well, I can.


Adria said...

May fave is the early toddler stage where they clean up and bring you stuff like the phone or the remote.