Monday, February 9

Pinky Dinky Who?

My kids love watching Pinky Dinky Do and I have to tell ya...that is one entertaining cartoon, LOL. Here I sit on the sofa trying to catch up on my bloggy good reads when I catch myself watching Pinky's great big idea. Makes me feel like a kid again. Oh how I'd love to be a kid again.

I've been in such a blog funk lately. I feel like I can't get anything done anymore. Josslyn is crawling and getting into everything. Jacob is killing me with his two year old attitude which is only made worse by Justyn's crappy tude.

I did a photo session last weekend. I was super nervous and I did a horrible job. My timing was totally off. I wanted to start when the sun was going down but ended up starting an hour too early. Totally my fault. I should have stayed longer and got the shots I needed to get but Rich, not realizing I had planned to do the session that weekend, had surprised me with tickets to see Dane Cook so I had to get going in order to make it there in time. Makes me feel like maybe being a photographer isn't my fortay. I'm so critical of myself but even Rich said I should redo the pictures. Isn't he sweet?!

My ILs were just in town. We had a blast with them here, even though it was just a short visit. This coming weekend we have friends coming in town. I'm excited. I love good times with good people.

Anyway, that was my update for ya. I know you have all been dying for one! ;-P

Here are some pictures of my lil baby girl. My she has grown. I'm ever so sad about it.


kel said...

oh my gosh... those eyes kill me!!

tara said...

I love Dane Cook! How was the show? Josslyn is beautiful as ever!

A.V.A said...

Tara it was sooo good! I laughed my arse off. He was super sexy too might I add. MMM MMM Love me some Dane Cook.

Courtney said...

aahh I'm so jealous I love Daaanneee! He's my #1 imaginary husband. Yummo. And your daughter is soo beautiful oh my gosh she has the prettiest eyes!