Monday, March 2

Canon I Have Another?

I recently sold my Canon Rebel XTi and upgraded to a Canon 5D! I have to admit that shipping off that Rebel was bittersweet. I bought that camera with the inheritance my mom left me. It was her Mothers Day gift to me from beyond the grave. (Even though she was cremated and rests at the top of my closet...disturbing? I think so.) I know that it's in good hands, the camera that is. My good friend Tara bought it from me. I couldn't have sent it to a better person. I know she will take good care of it.

On to my 5D! Freakin' in LOVE. It's a weeeee bit heavy. That's alright though. I'm pretty buff. Here are some pics of it.

I just bought a new lens too. Should be here on Thursday. I'm excited. I don't have a zoom lens anymore because I sent it with the Rebel. I wanted to get the 24-70mm but I also wanted to order some MJC for Josslyn so I will wait on that so I can maybe get the Canon version instead of the Sigma. I might be dreaming, LOL, but ya never know.


Dee said...

I remember you saying you wanted a new one! I can't believe you broke down and sold the other one! I cant wait to see the pics you take!

Gena said...

Everything starts with a dream!

tara said...

I can't say it enough Amanda, Thank you!! I'm sorry, I feel bad now that I have your zoom lens!!

Jenni Jiggety said...'s beautiful! ENJOY!

Kate said...

Ok, well NOW I'm Oct I got the Canon Rebel Xsi for my birthday and am still in photo-heaven with it!! I so need more time to figure it all out and discover that I AM SMARTER than my camera!! :D