Thursday, March 5

I ♥ New Lenses & Thousand Word Thursday

I've become such a lens fantatic. I get a new one and before it comes I'm already scoping out my next. Working up my collection a little at a time. Today I got the 28-135mm and so far I'm likin' it. I didn't have a zoom lens anymore and I got this one for a great price.

Here is one of the first pics with my new lens. I woke Jossy up so I could take some pics of her. She has nice lighting in her room since her window is enormous.

Guess it's time to lower the crib.


tara said...

what a sweet picture! I'm glad you got your new lens! I may join in thousand words thursday, being that I don't have anything to say today!

Gena said...

hehehe You are working up that collection quickly! I love it!! She's gorgeous!