Tuesday, March 3

Gotta Have It Too Tuesday

It's no secret I love to shop. One of the things I find myself doing is trying to get my friends and family to buy products that I have tried and love. So, my bloggy friends, you are no different. Every Tuesday I'm going to bring you a new product I have tried and love. These recommendations are based on my own experiences and opinions. Please don't hold me responsible if you get something I boast about and hate it. Not like that would ever happen anyway! ;-P

YAY It's Tuesday so I get to ramble on about another thing I love and I think you should love too!

If you are anything like me (MWAC aka Mom with a Camera) you take a lot...A LOT of pictures and don't take a lot of time to upload them to your favorite printing lab because honestly...who can keep up? Wow was that a run on or what? No really, was it? Anyway, as I was saying, if you are anything like me then you NEED...yes NEED an external hard drive. Why?

  • Organized! Who really wants to have a box full of CDs or in my case a desk full? All your photos fit nicely into one spot.
  • Plug & Play ready! You can view your photos on any computer you'd like thanks to the USB plug. Want to share some Easter photos with the family? Just throw gentally place this in your purse and take it anywhere.
  • Happier Computer! Is there anything more annoying than a lagging computer when you are trying desperately to do something?! Nope. Not for me anyway. Keeping all of your photos on your external will free up tons of space on your computer. This allows it to run nice and smooth. I mean come on...how fast could you run with a ton of pictures on your back? Think about it.
  • Ensure safety. While I can't promise you won't have a HD go bad and maybe lose your pictures, you are less likely. Computer viruses are so common now-a-days. I know I was always worried I would have to redo my computer and lose everything. How heartbreaking. Sure there are programs that you can buy to get them back, but you most likely won't get them all back and for what you will spend to get someone to get them you could have just bought an external HD.
So...yea...stop making excuses. If you don't have an external HD then get one. You won't be sorry! You will thank me the next time you get a virus. It's only a matter of time. ;-P
I love my externals. I could probably use another one.

If my Gotta Have It Tuesdays persuade you in any way to purchase a product I have talked about then leave me a little comment. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Let me know if you love it or if you hate it. Either way, let me know!

This is not a paid review and I do not have any affiliation with Western Digital.


tara said...

I need one of those, bad!

Sarah said...

I'm in the process of shopping for one. Over a third of our harddrive is eaten up by pics so it's critical that I get one soon or face losing them all. Eek!

susan said...

Yes, you've persuaded me to do what I know I should do. I'd love to see some reviews of hard drives now. Thank you!

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Nice article, but I can't figure out where to look for one. Did you give the Co. Name/URL addy/Link? Am I missing something?

Thank You,