Tuesday, March 17

Gotta Have It Too Tuesday

So I cheated a little to make sure this really got posted on Tuesday instead of today Wednesday. ;-P


It's no secret I love to shop. One of the things I find myself doing is trying to get my friends and family to buy products that I have tried and love. So, my bloggy friends, you are no different. Every Tuesday I bring you a new product I have tried and love. These recommendations are based on my own experiences and opinions. Please don't hold me responsible if you get something I boast about and hate it. Not like that would ever happen anyway! ;-P

Having 3 kids I love any chance I get to myself. When we bought our house one of my requirements of the home was the bathroom. I needed wanted a huge bathtub. No jets, just space. I wanted a place I could relax and unwind.

Not only did I need a place to calm down from the craziness of my day, but I needed some good aroma therapy as well.

Then my friend introduced me to Arbonne. Arbonne's skin care products are based on botanical principles. Arbonne's products include both inner and outer health. My friend brought over Arbonne's Unwind bath salts and I instantly fell in love.

The smell of lavender is so relaxing. The salts scrub away all my dry dead skin and the soothing oils leave my skin feeling baby soft. I especially love using this to shave. I just scrub it onto my legs and let sit for just a few minutes. Rinse off the salts and just shave. No soap, no shaving cream needed. Even my husband mentioned how extra soft my legs were. Maybe because he's so used to them being hairy coarse and scratchy all the time. Hey, it's "winter" and I have 3 kids, what do you expect? Sheesh! So...there you have it. If you have never tried Arbonne products, you are truly missing out. They are exceptional!

If my Gotta Have It Tuesdays persuade you in any way to purchase a product I have talked about then leave me a little comment. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Let me know if you love it or if you hate it. Either way, let me know!

This is not a paid review and I do not have any affiliation with Arbonne.