Friday, August 1

Home Owners!!!

Well we put an offer on another house yesterday and they ACCEPTED!!! This house is BEAUTIFUL. I am so excited to finally be a home owner. We are closing on the house August 29th. That is in 28 days...OMG! Here are some pictures of it.

Front of the House

Entry way and to the left is Josslyn's room. She has double doors.

Gorgeous Rotunda

View into the kitchen from Family room.


Our Bathroom.

I love it!!!


Virginia said...

Congratulations Amanda & Family, it's GORGEOUS!!! I'm sooo jealous!!! Beautifully painted & structured! Looks like a dream home!

Shana said...

Congratulations Amanda! That is so awesome. The house is beautiful

Valerie Williams said...

Thanks for the comment! Congratulations again on the house! It's beautiful :)