Tuesday, September 16

Jumbo Shrimp

So yesterday we took Josslyn and Jacob in to see their new doctor. Josslyn has been dealing with reflux and I wanted to get her something to help, and Jacob has this horrible diaper rash. Well of course they both get weighed and Josslyn (jumbo) is 15lbs 6oz and isn't even 3 months yet!!! Jacob (shrimp) was just 24lbs and he will be 2 in December. It's amazing that she is so big as much as she throws up. Gotta love Mama's milk. She has managed to gain 1lb in 2.5 weeks. Jacob on the other hand has managed to gain 2lbs in 5 months. I'm not surprised, he is the worst eater. Some days he hardly eats anything and other days you can't get him to stop eating. I wish that happened more often. Josslyn was put on Prevacid, and Jacob was put on some diaper rash cream. Both seem to be doing well with both. Anyway, that's a small update on the littles, err the big and the little, LOL.