Friday, September 26

Why? WHY? WHY?

Does my 3 month old sleep better than my 5.5 year old? Justyn got up every hour last night. We are pretty positive he never even went to sleep. Josslyn woke up 1 time for some boob and was asleep 5 minutes later. I had to keep Justyn home from school today because I didn't want him being a brat or falling asleep in class. Since he was 1.5 Justyn has had a TV in his room. He likes the noise and is normally asleep within minutes so it was never about wanting to lay in bed and watch television. Starting today, NO TELEVISION AT NIGHT! I'm so sick and tired of it. Jacob doesn't have a TV, and Josslyn won't either. You read it here folks, I'm putting my foot down. Because if I don't, I may put it up his butt if we have another night like the last!