Tuesday, September 23

Not Me Monday on Tuesday!

Borrowed from Tara who borrowed it from Mckmama.

So I must tell you all that I did NOT make Dinosaur eggs today just so I could eat the batter! I would absolutely never ever do that! Nope, not me. All that sugar, and chocolate chips. I don't want that crap going my already flab-tastic love handles.

While we are on the subject of things I never do. I did not, I repeat, did NOT, give Jacob Lays potato chips for breakfast this morning because I didn't feel like making him something to eat, (Although in my defense I did give him a banana and milk first, LOL).

I also did not spend an obscene amount of money on Josslyn's Halloween costume, that I might add is used. Pfffft! Who does that? Not me!

And finally, I did not wait until 9:30 last night to tell Justyn it was time to do homework. What kind of mother would I be if I had?! Homework should always be done right after dinner or right after school but NEVER after it's time for bed!

PS- I did NOT use the words "bomb diggity" in the comment I left for Tara. That is just crossing the line!


tara said...

HA! That is great, I really like the not me monday too, it's nice to see that we're all human!
I never did get around to making those dinosaur eggs, but when I do, I bet they will be the bomb diggity!!