Friday, August 8


Five Things I Will Miss About Maryland

5. The beautiful colors of Fall. Maryland is absolutely GORGEOUS in the fall.

4. La Fiesta! Rich and I have been going there since I was pregnant with Justyn. They know us there and have watched our family grow. It is also the home of "The Banana." But I will really just miss my La Comida, two cheese enchiladas, and lots of tasty rice that I smother in queso. YUM!

How cute is Rich holding the mint wrapper?
(Borrowed this from someone)

3. Interstate 695...this is where Rich and I merged. :-P

2. My Friends. I have made some AMAZING friends here. I will miss them all dearly.

1. My memories. I have made so many memories here. Rich and I made our entire life here. We have had so many good times here, as well as bad. I will miss it all either way.