Thursday, August 7

My Kool Kindergartener

I can't believe Justyn is starting kinder in just a couple weeks. Since we are moving he will miss the first day with everyone else but that's ok I guess. Lately he has been really wearing on my nerves. I know that the birth of Josslyn has really taken away from him. He doesn't get as much attention from his father and me. Now with the move we are so preoccupied with getting everything squared away that we are just not being as attentive to his needs as we should. He has really been acting out, telling us "No!", disregarding everything and anything we tell him. I am at my wits end with him. I hope that once we get to Tampa things will get better. Rich will be home a lot more, he will be in school, and we can do more things as a family.

We are also facing eating issues with Justyn. He acts like we are beating him when we try to make him eat his dinner. I'm surprised the cops having been called to our home because of how loud he screams when we tell him to eat. I've never in my life seen a child act this way. It makes my blood boil. When I was his age I ate what was put in front of me or I sat there until bed time, and there is NO WAY in hell I would have acted the way he does. I would have been in some serious trouble. I don't know what to do. The kid can't live off spaghetti, and sandwiches. He is so picky he won't even eat fast food. I have to force him to eat at least half of it otherwise he would just starve until we got home so he could have a sandwich. We have to choose our restaurants based on who has spaghetti on the kids menu.

Anyway, I always feel like I'm complaining about Justyn. I am constantly yelling at him and on his case. I feel horrible. I just don't know what else to do. I have tried being nice, speaking calmly. It doesn't work. He just mouths off or ignores me. I always thought 5 would be easy. He could understand more and talk more. It seems the more he can understand the more he ignores and the more he can talk, the more he talks back. If 6 is worse than 5 I may need to be committed!!!

Yes he is wearing a hoodie in August! Our house is always so cold.

He's such a goofball.