Sunday, August 10

I'm Love-able!!!

Yes huh! Sammi said so! I guess it takes one to know one. Her hubby is also Air Force. I don't meet many other moms who have a hubby in the Air Force. Sure I've met Army wives, Marine, Navy and Coastie wives. But Air Force wives are few and far between. Her husband is about to go to Korea and we all know I've been there done that so I hope I can be there for support, if she'll let me. She also has amazingly adorable kids like me. What are the odds?

So here's how it works, I need to pass this one to four...scratch that...five of my love-able friends. Here they are with no order to their love-able-ness...
(you can just do 4, but I'm a rebel and wanted to do five..ooooh)

Jessica...She's been my betch since the 4th grade. There is never a dull moment between us. We've had our ups and downs and still maintained a fabulous friend ship. Now we are both mommies giving us even more in common. I love to read up on little miss Berlyn Alexis and the crazy life of the Webb family. little California bombshell stuck in hot hell, I mean Arizona. We've also had our ups and downs but we matured together and have learned to just let shit go. Now she's preggo with her 3rd, YAY! Can't wait to read her blog and take the journey through her pregnancy. Better her than me! BWahahahaha.

Virginia aside from having one of the best names ever, she is also an amazing mama who understands me. She is so kind hearted and HIGH-LARIOUS! She doesn't post much on her blog, matter-of-fact she doesn't post at all, haha. But I chit chat with her and email with her and wish she would blog more. Hoping this will help. She has the most fantastic way of leaving you wanting to read more and more.

Jen...can I just say this is one strong ass mama! She has been through hell and back and keeps on going. She's the mom of two preemies and an angel baby boy. Her dedication to her babies is insipiring. I love to read up on how her miracles are doing. Just try not to become addicted to her blog! I dare ya!

Shana my gypsy mama. She moves almost if not as much as I do, haha. What is sad, she's not even military! I love her and I love that we have been pregnant 2 times together!!! She is one of the strongest mamas I know. Giving birth on her go girl! She doesn't blog much either, but I hope that nagging her enough will get her goin'!

Well I'm sure I could go on and on but Josslyn is saying it's time to stop. Well maybe she's not saying it exactly that way...but she IS saying it, trust me.