Friday, August 15


Five Favorite Comfort Foods

5. Mac n Cheese with tuna in it. My mom and I used to make this all the time as a quick and easy, yet soooo good, meal.

4. Raw potatoes with salt. YUM!

3. Cucumber and onion salad. Rich thinks it's vile. I love love love it. Slice up some cucmbers, onions and smother in a mayo and vinegar sauce.

2. My mom's meatloaf. Best meatloaf you will ever have the pleasure of sticking in your mouth!

1. Ben and Jerrys - Half Baked!!!


HopelesslyDevine said...

Ok girl I love ya but DAMN are you strange! LOL The meatloaf and B&J are good. Cucumber is great like that without the mayo! :)


Virginia said...

I love me some raw taters & salt!!!