Saturday, August 2

Saturday Night Fun

The boys helped me bake a cake tonight. Rich is working so we decided to indulge in a triple chocolate fudge cake. Justyn did the majority as Jacob just sat there in amazement. As you can see by the expressions on his face, haha. Speaking of expressions I have some interesting ones of my own, ha! I'm a sexy broad.

LMAO @ Jacob!
"What in the world is Justyn doing?"

LOL, Both of them with their mouth open.

The best part of making a cake. Licking the mixers!

OK...What is this look all about?

MMM! Cake!



HopelesslyDevine said...

You are totally one sexy broad!! I couldn't see these in email yet and so glad I got to see them here. The boys look like they are having fun!! and YUMMY!! I want some of it!