Wednesday, December 3

Frackin' Annoyed!

So I was catching up on my favorite blogs today. I've been a little behind since we were out of town. Anyway, I won't call out the blog because I don't want any drama started over there as it was not her, that irritated me, but a comment.

I know that moms can be super sensitive when it comes to parenting styles. I'm NOT a crunchy mom. I'm not a bad mom. I don't have a certain parenting style I follow. I do what is best for us and mine. If you don't like it, I don't care. You parent the way you want and I will the way I want. But there is nothing more annoying than when other mothers make such broad judgmental statements when it comes to breast vs bottle, cloth vs disposable, CIO vs Not, and of course the ever popular to cut or not to cut.

In regards to the comment I read to a mother who's dealing with a baby who cries when she's put down. Now it could be reflux or something genuinely could be wrong with her but for someone to reply with, "Some would say "let her cry". They probably don't have children! I could never let mine cry. I feel for you:(" This PISSES ME OFF! Not only do I have kids...I HAVE THREE! And you bet your ass I let them cry. Now, with that said, I am a mother. I was blessed with a little thing known as Mothers Instinct. It's a beautiful thing. If I feel they are hurting or something isn't right I will rush to my baby. BUT, BUT, BUT...if there isn't anything wrong, and I have shit to can bet your life savings I'm going to let them cry. If I need to do dishes, I will set Josslyn in her high chair, give her some toys, and let her be. If she wants to bitch, cry, and moan...she can do that. As long as she's making noises I know she's ok. 9 times out of 10 she falls asleep, or she just stops crying. I HATE when people ASSume shit. I spent this past week listening to people praise how FABULOUS my children are. How Josslyn never cries. You are damn right she doesn't. She knows she can't pull one over on mommy. Now, I do snuggle my babies. I don't just ignore them all the time. Just when I know there isn't anything truely wrong with them and I have stuff to do. I have 3 kids and a house to take care of. I do have a sling and when she was smaller I would sling her while cleaning. I also have my chichi girls that are heavy enough without a baby on me.

Well, I think I've wasted enough time on here complaining, LOL. I just get so irritated at judgmental people. Rant over.


Kaycee said...

:( I know. I was dumbfounded at all the negative responses I received (towards others, not necessarily toward myself) That is why I edited my post.

I HATE when people judge other mother's. That's why I got so aggrivated with

Anyway, i'm so sorry you were offfended and i'm sure many others were as well and I feel terrible. Blah!

Tena said...

I agree to each their own. I rarely post my views on parenthood. I don't care how you feed your baby, just feed them! I don't care what catches your babies poo, just change it so I don't have to smell it!
What works for one family may not work for the next!

P.S. I know exactly what blog you are talking about

Tammy W said...

Glad you vented it though...isn't blogging therapeutic??

I agree 100% people need to keep their opinions to themselves (unless specifically asked).

Because we have 6 kids..we hear all kinds of junk and our kids are really well behaved, usually.

Moms just need to stick with what works for them...not what works for anyone else!

Gonna go check out that post!

Sarah said...

Doyou ever have a hard time admitting that you let your children cry from time to time? I'm always afraid that people will jump all over me so I just don't comment at all. Mine were all raised this way and they turned out perfectly fine - except for that minor tic the boy has (jk!!).

Dee said...

Yeah...I feel the same way you do...i try not to say too much on the subjects! BUT you can bet your bottom dollar that my son learned to sleep through the night when he was a baby by the CRY IT OUT METHOD! :) worked for us..and whatever works for other moms is fine by me!