Thursday, December 11

I Miss Him So

Rich has been in Nebraska since Sunday night. I hate when he's away. You'd think being a military wife I'd be used to it. Not so much. I sleep like crap when he's not next to me. I have to sleep with my booty on him for comfort. I've been so lax on the housework since he's been gone. I'm pretty sure if he saw the kitchen right now he'd stroke out. He helps me out so much with housework and the kids. I just can't keep up with these kids and the house and the rhinovirus. As much as I miss him though, I'm going to miss the things I can do while he's away, LOL. "What is that?" You ask. Well, I shall tell you.

Things I Can Do When The Spouse Is Away

1. Use the bathroom with the door open.
2. Be flatulent.
3. Let the dishes sit over night.
4. Lay in the middle of the bed.
5. Sleep with the AC set on 72.

Things I Cannot Do When The Spouse Is Away.

2. Snuggle him.
3. Get back massages.
4. Go to the store alone.
5. Run

I can't wait for him to come home! I'm dreading the longer deployments. Booo Hisssss!


michelle said...

I don't sleep well either when my husband is out of town. I always have my 5 year old in the bed with me which makes it a little better :) I'm sure you're doing great!

tara said...

when does he come back? I sleep with my booty on Rob too :)

Gena said...

awwww I hope the time flies for you! I hate when Stoney is away too.

kel said...

awwwww. I can't sleep when my hubby is away either!!

Miranda said...

lol I LOVE sleeping in the middle of the bed but have a really hard time sleeping all alone.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Is he coming home soon, I hope? I don't sleep well when my husband is away either! I am pretty flatulent whether he is here or not though...