Wednesday, December 10

O:FA - Day 1 & 2

DAY 1: Well yesterday I skipped my morning Coke Zero and had some Special K protein water. YUMMY! That stuff is so good. I buy the packets so I can add it to my water. Didn't eat breakfast because I rarely ever do. Lunch I had half a thing of Campbell's Clam Chowda! Man was it hard to only eat half of it. I only used 5 crackers in it also. Normally I load up on the crackers. Fought the urge to drink a soda and just finished off my water from breakfast. Then I made Jacob a lunch of fish sticks and tater tots. He didn't eat all of it so I had 2 small fish sticks and 4 tater tots. Wish I wouldn't have done that, but man I love me some fish sticks and tarter sauce! For dinner I had a little bit of red beans & rice w/ smoked sausage in it and more water. Almost gave into my temptation for the soda but didn't. Later I had a couple more bites of the red beans and rice so I could take some Motrin. I think I'm getting sick.

Rich is out of town so running isn't much of an option right now. Unless there is a new law letting you leaving your kids home alone I'm unaware of? No? Ok, well then, running shall wait. Well that was my day 1. Nothing too spectacular and don't feel any thinner, LOL.

DAY 2: This morning I went to Dunkin Donuts for a bagel and iced tea. I only ate half the bagel and scraped off all the cream cheese, leaving a thin layer for taste. I'll eat the other half for lunch. I neeeeeeeeeeeeded the iced tea. No sugar in it, I just needed the caffeine. Yesterday's lack-of-caffeine headache was killer. I don't want that again today. Josslyn slept like crap last night so if I didn't get something to get my blood moving around I may have passed out, LOL. It's supposed to be 84 today so I might take the kids on a walk later so I can work off some of that bagel from this morning! I'll update this more tonight.