Monday, December 1

We're Home!

We got back last night but the drive home was so horrible that all I wanted to do when I got home was relax. We celebrated Jacob's 2nd birthday while we were there. We had a blast. The drive up was perfect. Little traffic, clear skies. It was a dream. The kids were angels. On the exception of the "Are we there yet?" Yea, that was Justyn, who else!? We played Rummikub for HOURS and I kicked booty as usual. That is until Ansley started playing! She was kickin' some butt her first time playing. Beginners luck! LOL. I was sad to go. The ride home was hell. What was supposed to be a 7 hour ride turned into 9.5 hours. The GPS said we had 2 hours to go for like 3 hours. It rained the entire time, and EVERYONE decided to go home at the same time we did. Bumper to bumper for hours. I was so anxious to get out of the car. The kids did great though. No crying, no whining. I have fabulous kids! Anyway, enough rambling. Here are a couple pics from the trip.


tara said...

LOVE the pictures Amanda! I'm glad you guys had a good time, sorry about the ride home though!

Dee said...

GREAT pictures!!! I'm sorry about the car ride though!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Great pictures! I am glad you had a good time while you were there...sorry about the traffic though! Sitting in traffic makes me INSANE!