Monday, October 13

Damn You Kanye...

...and your catchy new song! Why did you have to go and make a song that I like. Curse it!

If you haven't heard his new song you must! I love this song. I have always hated how cocky Kanye West is, and yet here I am raving about his new song Love Lockdown. In case you haven't check it out.


Courtney said...

Ahh, I agree! I've always wanted to give him a quick slap on the cheek and say "You're not that cool!" to bring him and his massive ego back to Earth, or at least into Earth's orbit. But alas, he is a talented one so of course we resort to putting him up even higher on his pedestal!

But anywho just letting you know YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! By me! Hehe so check out my post to figure out what to do! :)