Tuesday, October 21

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

This weekend we took the kids to the Aquarium in Tampa. It's nice being so close to things for us to do as a family. It is right on the bay and right next to Port Authority so we got to see people boarding this beautiful Carnival Cruise ship. Some day I will get over my fear of open water and will take a cruise with my spouse. We walked around Channelside with both boys soaking wet, lol. The aquarium had a water park and Justyn made friends quickly with some boys and they shot each other with water. He had a blast. I'm so glad he has overcome his fear of getting wet. I hope to soon get him over his fear of the beach. Kind of hard when mama is scared too. Anywho, where are some pics of our day. I wish I had more but my camera battery died. BOOOO!

(Jacob was so scared of the big fish.)

(Looking at crocs, I have the same reaction to the shoe!)

Daddy dressed the boys this day. It makes me smile to see Justyn wearing these shorts.
When I bought them Rich did not love them at all. He thought they were girlie. Now he
is willingly putting them on Justyn. I love it when I'm right. Teehee!

(Sleepin' with the fish.)

Not the most flattering picture of me, but it's a rare occasion when Rich offers
to snap a picture of me with one of the kids.

Oh, it was also Josslyn's 4 month bday, and 4 months of exclusive nursing, YAY. Her is such a big girl.

(In the car about to go into the Aquarium)


LdybugSammi said...

so cute!!! I havent been to the aquarium in years!

Jen said...

Oh hush, you look great in that pic! I wish we had more things to do around here that are less than 1-2 hours away!