Friday, October 10

My Husband Rocks! #1

Well I was blog surfing again. Well not really. I was looking at the blog of someone who commented on my Aloha Friday and saw My Husband Rocks Friday and HAD to join in on the fun. You can catch more of this on The Great Adventure.

(Chicago 2007)

So for my first edition of My Husband Rocks I have to just introduce you to the man I fell in love with.

This is Rich. Or Richtardo as I like to call him. He is the most amazing husband. He is such a hard worker and gives 110% of himself to everything in life. I don't think that even in this blog I could do him enough justice. He is the best father. The boys adore him and Josslyn is slowly getting him wrapped around her teeny little fingers. He does dishes, folds laundry, changes diapers, does bath time, reads bed time stories, helps with home work, sweeps, mops, and vacuums all without me even asking. All the while going to school and maintaining A's and B's, and serving this great country in the USAF.

We have been married for 6 years and he still makes me laugh.
Even when I don't want to. He gives the best back massages ever!
He spoils me. We have been through hell and back
and have still stayed strong. He may not be perfect
but he's perfect for me. I am so blessed to have
such a man in my life and in the lives of our children!!! I did this little survey about my man on myspace awhile back. Thought I'd share it here since we are on the topic.

1. They are watching TV... What are they watching?
Depends on the time of day. He doesn't watch TV much.

2. You're out to eat. What kind of dressing do they get on their salad?

3. What's one food this person doesn't like?

4. You go out to the bar. He/she orders......
Miller Light

5. Where did he/she go to high school?

6. What size shoe do they wear?

7. If this person were to collect anything, it would be...

8. What is their favorite type of sandwich?

9. This person could eat ______ everyday.
Chocolate chip cookies

10. Favorite cereal?
Chocolate Chex

11. This person wouldn't be caught dead wearing?
Anything I pick out.

12. Favorite sports team?
He doesn't have one.

13. Who will he/she vote for?

14. What is their sign?
Gemini? I'm not good with signs.

15. What is something you do that he/she wishes you didn't?

16. How many states has this person lived in?

17. What is his/her heritage?
No friggin idea, but that's ok, b/c he doesn't know either, LOL.

18. You bake them a cake for their birthday. What kind do you bake?
Chocolate with Chocolate frosting.

19. Did he/she play sports in high school?
Basketball and Tennis

20. This person could spend hours...

21. He/She wants a new...

22. The CD I would probably find in their vehicle is...
Linkin Park

23. What can you do that will guarantee a laugh from him/her?
He never laughs at anything I do.

24. Does he/she get along well with their family?
Yea, for the most part

25. If money wasn't an option, I would buy him/her...
A brand new motorcycle and a kidless vacation!


Katy Lin :) said...

awwww - he sounds wonderful! welcome to MHR Fridays! it's great to "meet" you :)

Nicole said...

Yea and he's super hot. ;)