Wednesday, October 15


(Who needs toys when you have strainers?!)

They loooove to play in my cabinets while I make dinner. Some day daddy will put the latches on the cabinets so they can't, but for now...they play!


Nodin's Nest said...

Srainer helmets are the best, and I think it may be too late for the latches now :0

CrackerJacks said...

Who needs toys right! Great capture of your two handsome little ones!

Tena said...

awww!!! They are adorable!! I love seeing siblings playing together, melts my heart!!
Happy WW!!

Chicke3 said...

cute cute! One thing my grandparents did because my sister and I along with my cousins loved to play with the pots and pans, was to set aside a few select things in a cabinet and we knew that we were only allowed to get into that cabinet and the other cabinets were off limits.

Special K said...

OH my! This is too cute!!!!

Happy WW!