Tuesday, October 7

Scrapblog Designs Win-A-Blog Design Contest!!

If you have been ooo'ing and aaa'ing over my blog layout and you haven't clicked on the button on the bottom of my page to find out where I got it then let me tell you here...

I stumbled upon Scrapblog Designs when I first started blogging and HAD to have one. Hilary's blog making talent is amazing. So today I decided it was time for a new one and there isn't anyone I'd rather have to make my page than her. Well much to my delight she's having a scrapblog design contest. You could win a free blog design!!! Asking yourself how? Well just follow the posted steps below and you could be the lucky winner of a personalized blog design.
Here are the rules straight for Hilary's blog.


I have decided to hold my first ever contest! The contest is simple:
  • The prize: a free complete custom blog layout designed by me
  • How to win: comment to this post answering the following questions. 1) What was your reason for starting your blog? 2) What is your reason for wanting a blog layout?
  • You must comment to this post (please do not e-mail me or comment to another post or else your entry will not count) and it must be done by this Tuesday (October 7) at 11 pm (Eastern Standard Time).
  • Your comment will count for one entry into the contest, but if you post about this contest on your blog you will earn two additional entries into the contest. If you decide to post about it on your blog, please let me know so I can come check out your blog and know to give you two more entries to the contest.
  • After I close the contest on Tuesday night, I will assign a number (or numbers to additional entries) and randomly choose a winner. The winner will be posted sometime Wednesday afternoon.
  • Enjoy my contest and good luck!
So go...get to posting and blogging!


Hilary said...

Thanks for entering my contest and posting about it on your blog! I have added your two extra entries.