Saturday, November 15

Jungle Fever Falters

Ugh, so NBC has canceled one of my favorite shows, Lipstick Jungle! I freakin' love this show, and NBC goes off and cancels it. WTF. I'm ever so sad. This show really leaves me wanting more each week and at least I knew in 7 days I could see it again. Now, thanks to NBC, I won't. How well did they expect a show to do placed on a Friday at 10! All the people who would be interested in this show are probably out! Luckily we havev DVR, not that it matters, we don't go anywhere anyway. How could people not love this show? If you were a fan of Sex & the City then you would most definitely adore this show. I really hope it comes back or another network picks it up. It's criminal that this show gets canceled, but the new 90210 is still alive and kickin'! BASTARDS!


Jenni Jiggety said...

I heard that they canceled that and the new Christian Slater show, too! Boo Hiss!

The Fegers said...

What? There are so many shows that should be cancelled before this one. Thanks for the bad news:(

Kaycee said...

I'm in love w/ this show too! I heard Brooke Shields said don't write it off to quickly, they are still filming.