Monday, November 17

My Blog Spot

I was tagged by Jenni over at Jiggety Jigg for this one.
(Well not directly but still)

So, I have to show you MY blog spot. The place where it all goes down. Well, where it almost always goes down anyway, LOL. Sometimes I like to snuggle up on the sofa with the laptop to blog, but that doesn't happen too often. So here it is...

I suppose I could have made my numbers a little bit bigger for ya, but, oh well.

1. The computer
2. External HD for all my pictures.
3. The lamp
4. My Cream Soda
5. My 50mm lens
6. Gap & Hanna Andersson Catalog
7. My craptastic speakers.
8. Kleenex
9. My DSLR Camera
10. My Watch
11. Keyboard
12. Chair
13. My planner
14. External HD for Scrap & PSP Stuff
15. Recycle bin of crap
16. Breast pump
17. My purse
18. My Flips
19. Justyn's kinder school pic
20. The bookshelf of books I buy but never read!

So there you have it. My space, My blog spot.

So now it's your turn. I wanna see YOUR spot.
No, not that spot, sicko! Your blog spot. Get to it!


Jenni Jiggety said...

Mmmmm! Cream soda!

What a pretty little blog spot!