Wednesday, November 19

COD Blog Party - #6 Mem-reeees

Wow, already day 6! Pretty soon this will all be over *sad*. Can't believe how many new bloggy friends I've made since this all started! I love it. I find myself talking about some of you to friends and family as if I know you in real life. Is that weird? LOL! Anyway on to todays question.

What is your favorite holiday memory from YOUR childhood?

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My favorite holiday memory is Santa Claus. I would have the hardest time sleeping due to the anticipation. Now that I'm a mom and I have children who believe all those feelings are coming back. The excitement of the morning. Being anxious for him to come. I remember one year I was losing my belief in ole Santa. My mom took my dad's work boot and left a footprint in the ashes inside the fireplace. I couldn't believe it. He had to be real. I so love that my kids feel that now. Justyn is always talking about Santa and going to sit on his lap and ask him for Star Wars. I can't wait for his excitement when Santa brings him what he wants!!!

I also loved spending holidays at my Grandma's house. All the great food and yummy desserts. Spending time with all the family and everyone sitting around talking and playing games. I love holiday time!


Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind said...

Love the footprint in the ash idea. How clever.

Tena said...

I still have a hard time sleeping Christmas Eve Night! I am always up before my kids, lol

Sarah said...

My children haven't attached themselves to Santa yet! Is that strange?

Jenni Jiggety said...

I think my favorite memories were all around Santa, too. It was all so exciting and magical!

tara said...

I love seeing Christmas through their eyes now that my childhood is over! You know it's also fun to see it through Rob's eyes, as he did not celebrate growing up!

Momstart said...

the excitement has come back for me too