Wednesday, November 5

OOOH That Smell! Can You Smell That Smell?

I dunno about you but I am a candle whore! I love smelly things, well the ones that smell good at least. I am also a tart sleaze but that's another post. You know what is better than a fabulous smelling candle filling up your home? Winning a free fabulous smelling candle to fill up your home!

AJ' Country Cottage has offered up to one winner, their choice of 8oz Soy candle in a mason jar. To read up on how to make this possible for you, head over to Life Is Like Champagne for details.

AJ's Country Cottage candles have an average burn time of about 60 hours and have lead free wicks. The look is also very appealing with soft colors and package in very quaint mason jars. AJ's Country Cottage also offers soy candles made from pure clean burning soy wax. Check out their Holiday Soy Candle variety with scents such as Egg Nog or Cranberry Spice.