Monday, November 17

Not Me! Monday

1. I did not eat 3 chunky chocolate chip cookies w/ a Coke Zero this morning for breakfast!

2. I did not clean my desk just so that I could take a picture for my blogspot picture this morning.

3. I did not just turn the heater on, because my feet are like ice cubes, instead of putting socks on.

4. I am certainly not waiting till the very last minute to buy Jacob's birthday gifts because I'm too lazy to look!

Now it's your turn to be brutally honest!
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*~JESSIE~* said...

Your breakfast sounds yummy to me! Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your blog! Thank you for sharing!

Hailey said...

I am lucky to get a cookie IN my mouth and I only have two children. How do you do it with three? Please tell me your secret.
Great Not Me's!
I'll be back!

heidi said...

Mmmm coooookies. *sigh*

Kameron said...

Don't you know...the Coke zero cancels out the cookies, so you should be ok!

CntryMomma said...

Well, ya know .... I tell my hubby that the choc. chip cookies from Subway are "low fat" 'cause ... well . . . they're from Subway!! LOL

It works for me!


Hall Family in MD said...

So, what exactly is wrong with your breakfast? I would have had a diet coke, though with my cookies =)

Kristy said...

I would have eaten the same exact thing - but maybe with peanut butter cookies (this weeks breakfast for me). Oh, and I love your "J" names. I have 3 myself. And I love the "J"'s. Jacob, Jalyn, and Joshua!

Sarah said...

Yeah, I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of my blogspot because yesterday's lunch dishes were still on it! How sad!