Sunday, November 9

Dear Nurse McTouchy

I just thought you should know that I find it very unacceptable for you to use your filthy, nubby fingers to grab my daughter's tongue. It's bad enough she has RSV and a couple ear infections. Does she really need God-Knows-What that is on your fingers? Is that ink? When was the last time you washed your hands? You obviously bite your nails. Did you just have those filthy phalanges in your mouth, and now you are putting them in hers? Could you also stop kissing her? I know she's cute and her cheeks are freakin' adorable, but I would prefer if you didn't put your bad lipstick prints on them. You're a nurse, right? Shouldn't you know better? Do I really need to tell you this at 4 in the morning? I'm tired. I just went to sleep 3 hours ago. Now I have a sick baby who is being poked and prodded and you want to come in here putting your goobers all over her? Stand back lady...just give me the baby and nobody gets hurt. Thank you, buh-bye.


Tena said...

Amanda, I would have gone off on her!!
{{{{ hugs }}}}
I am sorry about the RSV, my middle son had it when he was an infant, and was on a breathing machine for 3 months! I pray that she is feeling better soon!!!

Gena said...

Seriously what is wrong with people! I hope you bitch slapped that woman. :) Love ya Amanda! Hope Princess Josslyn is all better soon!!!! I hope Nurse McTouchy gets the flu really bad so she knows what it's like to be sick.

Dee said...

OH YUCK! how did you hold back from telling her to leave your child alone?