Wednesday, November 12


So I previously posted about Jacob winning the Stride Rite Scrapbook contest. BTW, if you haven't entered...why not? It's free and easy. Get to it! What do you have to lose?

Anyway, so I got my shoes that I won the other day. So cute! Love them. I thought for sure I would get the cheapest shoes they had but when I went online to get the link to show a friend those suckers were $50.00! I'm so used to getting the kids' Stride Rites at the outlet. I haven't paid $50.00 for a pair of shoes in forever. Anyway, I just love these shoes so much. They fit Jacob's personality so much. So rough and rugged. He's such a little rebel. I swear people probably think we beat him up. He's covered in bruises constantly. He has no fear at all. Justyn was so opposite. Afraid of doing anything. He gets that from his mama. Well back to why I posted this blog to start with. So I go to the SRSB site to show someone the site and there on the front page is my baby boy. My little celebutot, lol. I know it's not like his face is plastered on the cover of People mag or anything but, hey, I think it's pretty nifty!

Check him out? He's this months WINNER! He was only about 10 months there, but crazy that he's not much bigger now, LOL. My little runt. Well anywho, just thought I'd share.


Dee said...

YAY for scoring some great shoes!